Hamsters Can Drink The Equivalent Of 21 Bottles Of Wine A Day

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hamsters are without a doubt adorable creatures, sweet, tender and above all… great drinkers. Recently Dr. Tom Lawton, ICU consultant for the Bradford Institute for Health Research, told us on Twitter that these creatures hold very well alcohol. Yes, you read well.

“Talking to Dr. Christine Peters, I found that not everyone knows the marvelous ability of the hamster to alcohol,” Lawton writes on the social network of the blue canary. “They love it so much that they prefer to drink 15% ethanol instead of water and can tolerate relative amounts that would kill a human being.”

Indeed, science had already established this “fact” in 1960. In fact, research had shown the good taste of hamsters for alcohol, without any kind of “conditioning” or “training” – elephants also love alcohol and can even get drunk. For example, in mice, experts in the study used genetic engineering or conditioning to drink alcoholic substances.

Another 1962 document also found that hamsters prefer alcohol to drinking water. The reason for this is simple: since alcohol has many calories, not far from fat, it allows hamsters to survive the coldest winters. The creature’s resistance is amazing: hamsters can consume alcohol equivalent to those of an adult human who consumes about 21 bottles of wine a day. “Too crippled,” and even coffee if over-dosed can be lethal.

The alcohol tolerance of hamsters is given by their highly efficient livers, able to filter the substance and reduce the amount that ends up circulating in the blood.

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