Has Samsung Galaxy S22 Been Postponed Due To “Significant Production Problems”?

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In recent days, the first photographs of Samsung Galaxy S22 have appeared online, showing that the production chain linked to the device is already in operation. However, this does not mean that Samsung Galaxy S22 will not be delayed: according to the insider Jon Prosser, the smartphone’s release date could be postponed again.

From a leak a few weeks ago we know that Samsung Galaxy S22 was due to leave in January 2022, but was postponed by a month due to the simultaneous launch of the Galaxy S21 FE, which in turn postponed for several months, since its release

According to Jon Prosser, Samsung will not change the date of presentation of the Galaxy S22, which should still be shown to the public on February 8th. The company will not change the date of opening of the preorders, set for 9 February, but to change will be the date of launch on the market of the smartphone: according Prosser, in fact, it had to be initially fixed to 18 February, but now

If the delay of a week, in itself, would not make news, the more worrying are the reasons that have pushed the delay of the launch of the line S22: Prosser, in fact, speaks of ” rather significant problems in the production chain,” which lets us On the other hand, as PhoneArena reports, the resolution of problems in the production chain may take weeks, and on February 25 it is only two months away, so it seems difficult that Samsung will be able to solve problems and recover the time lost by that date.

This can mean two things: either Samsung Galaxy S22 will be available in limited stocks, or it will be postponed again for a few weeks until the productive problems resolve. At the moment, however, it is unclear what caused the failures in the S22 line, but in all probability it is a disorder linked to the early stages of the production chain: this could mean the malfunction of some components, the presence of glitch in the sensors of the

On the other hand, the semiconductor crisis is also likely to play a central role in Samsung’s problems, both in terms of the Galaxy S21 FE and its new device flagship.

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