Here Is A Rare Video Of Hunting Techniques Of An “Angel Shark”

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Marine photographer and biologist Jake Davies recently captured a spectacular film, while underwater along the coast of Wales, of a rare angelfish (Squatina squatina). This is the first time that a creature of the genus along the coast wing of the UK is observed, listed as in “critical danger” in the Red List.

The shark shares some characteristics with the breeds: it has winged fins and a flat body that it uses to dive into the sand and capture the preys. Like some shark species, the creature has jaws that can project outwards at great speeds, so as to catch fish passing near the place where it is located.

This hunting strategy was captured right in Davies’ video and you can watch the angel shark in action. “It was incredible to watch and film him swimming, bury himself in the sand and then use his camouflage to ambush the prey,” Davies said in a press release. “This footage is way beyond what we thought it would be possible to capture in Wales.”

The biologist led an even rarer sighting: he observed a young shark. Since we know very little about the creature and only 4% of all catches are young fish, such a discovery could be very useful to experts who are trying to safeguard the species.

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