Here Is The Spectacular Hd Video Of The Webb Telescope That Leaves Earth Forever

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The video portrays what we can call “the last look humanity has given at James Webb Space Telescope.” Romanticism aside, the phrase sums up well what really happens in the new high definition assembly developed by ESA: the JWST is moving towards deep space, from which it will never return.

The JWST mission officially started on December 25, 2021, making millions of fans one of the most beautiful Christmas gifts ever conceived. The video you find opening the news was released a few hours later by the world’s most important space agencies, such as ESA, CSA and – of course – NASA.

Recently, however, the video has been updated, adding the possibility to be viewed in Full HD. Not only is it one of the most spectacular shots of recent years in space, but it is a real visual farewell.

The installation, in fact, is the last direct shot of the JWST before it starts towards deep space, towards its destination 1.5 million km from Earth and known as “Lagrange L2 Point.” No camera or sensor has followed the telescope in this long crossing, so the video is the last visual testimony that humanity has of the Webb telescope.

Now that the instrument is on the road and has already marked several important stages (the most recent was the deployment of the secondary mirror), we can only follow it through telemetry and data that NASA continuously reports on the dedicated site.

In a few months, however, if everything goes as planned, we will have fantastic “direct” testimonies of the operation of the JWST: for summer 2022 the first photos and the first scientific data from the observatory, which will be able even more than this

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