Here Is The Terrible “Carnivore Toro”: Ruthless Dinosaur Of 70 Million Years

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Carnotaur is a genus of theropod dinosaur lived on earth about 70 million years ago. It was equipped with a physical structure to predator, with powerful jaws, poorly developed fore limbs and supraocular structures similar to He was a terrible, ruthless predator.

A Belgian-Australian research team has carried out a new study on the animal, whose fossil remains even contain skin.

The fossil in question was brought to light in 1984 by Jose Bonaparte, a paleontologist who called the creature Carnotauro. The remains of the creature’s skeleton and some layers of skin that make the specimen the first carnivorous dinosaur of which the skin was found.

Since its discovery, an empirical and rigorous study has never been carried out. To overcome this lack, the research team, led by Christophe Hendrickx, of Unidad Ejecutora Lillo in San Miguel de Tucumán, and Phil Bell, expert on epidemies, have thought about this.

According to Hendrickx, in relation to the analyses carried out on the ferocious predator’s tegument • observing the skin from the regions of the shoulders, the belly and the tail, we found that the skin of

In this regard, Bell suggested, by analysing the scaly portions of the animal’s skin, that these present a remarkable resemblance to the Australian spiny devil.

The predator’s size was remarkable, although the estimates made by the early limbs of the T.rex (now known as the “buongustaio”). It could reach the length of 8 meters and, unlike the recent discoveries on the feathers that covered several species of theropods, this had a skin formed by scales, whose use is associated with thermal regulation purposes, allowing it to be joined to the species of reptiles that

Below you can admire a remarkable illustration of the specimen, by the artist Jake Baardse.

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