Here Is The Very Rare, Colorful, Video Of The Last Tiger Of The Tasmanian Earth

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We’ve always seen the video of the last black and white Tasmanian tiger in Earth. From now on we could look at it in color. Benjamin – this is the name of the thylacin – died on September 7, 1936 and the video was released on the 85th anniversary of the event coinciding with the National Day of Threatened Species.

Although some specimens have been spotted since 1936, the Tasmanian tiger is generally considered extinct with Benjamin’s death. What remains of the creature are 10 videos, some artistic renderings and museum exhibitions. The coloring company was led by Samuel François-Steininger, who runs Composite Films, and decided to restore the shots of Benjamin in 1933, rather than the most famous but of inferior quality, filmed in 1935

“It was very difficult to color because, apart from the animal, there were few elements in the shot,” explains François-Steininger. “And because of the resolution and image quality, there were many details: the fur was dense and many hairs had to be detailed and animated. As for the choices of coloring, we could find many versions in different museums that were well preserved in the dark and kept their colors.”

More than 200 hours of work were needed to achieve this. “From a technological point of view, we did everything digitally, combining digital restoration, rotoscoping and 2D animation, lighting, artificial intelligence algorithms for movement and noise, composition and digital gradation,” said François-S

The aim, the expert explains, is to raise awareness of the general public of endangered plant and animal species.

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