Here We Are: Facebook And Ray-Ban Will Announce Smart Glasses On September 9

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Facebook and Ray-Ban sent the press invitations for an event scheduled tomorrow 9 September 2021, during which the two companies should announce the first models of smart glasses.

Ray-Ban has published the teaser we show at the bottom, where the silhouette of a pair of glasses is shown and the date “09.09.2020” is marked with the text “subscribe now to receive the notification.” On the homepage, the popular brand of glasses promises that this will be “a story you’ll want to follow.”

As many have observed, the announcement follows what many see as a possible glasses teaser published by Mark Zuckerberg: in the video the CEO of the social network and Andrew Bosworth play golf and stay on a boat wearing those Zuckerberg has also recently uploaded a short video to his profile, which may have been recorded by the new wearable device that we will see on tomorrow’s day.

Last July, Zuckerberg announced the launch of Ray-Ban’s smart glasses, calling them “a part of Facebook’s journey to glasses for the augmented reality of the future.” No information of any kind on the possible launch date and especially the price has emerged.

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