Here’s A Little Trick To Be More Productive In The Office: Sit By The Window

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The working environment is fundamental, both for the well-being of workers and for the productivity of workers. The impact of this place on people has been studied for years by experts who had never considered the possibility that even the desk place could be important.

Two new studies, one published this year and one in 2018, are trying to improve our knowledge on the subject. According to the oldest document, analysed by some researchers at Cornell University, natural light improves the conditions of employees.

In particular, those sitting near a window reported 63% less headaches and 51% less eye fatigue, symptoms that are commonly associated with poor light conditions. Employees also reported 56% less somnolence, a symptom commonly associated with lack of daylight along with poor thermal conditions.

The 2021 study, published in Plos One magazine, found that employees in an open space office were more productive when they were sitting at desks. This means that even the placement of a desk inside an office can make a worker more or less pleasant (and productive).

All these tricks, you know, could make the daily experience of an employee less stressful… a little like the four-day workweek. Meanwhile, just know that a ten-minute nap is enough to reduce stress.

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