Here’s Facebit, The First Smart Mask With Biometric Sensors

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After the introduction of the Government’s obligation to make FFP2 masks, we will be talking again about the most used protection devices against Coronavirus to tell you about an interesting technological innovation in this field: in particular, Northwestern University created the first but

FaceBit is a biometric sensor located inside a N95 mask, empirical equivalent of a European FFP2 mask or a Chinese KN95. The sensor was developed by a team of researchers from Northwest University of Illinois, led by Josiah Hester, already known for working at the world’s first battery-free Game Boy.

FaceBit overlaps the mask with a magnet system, so it can be easily detached from a medical device and moved to another, following the normal spare cycles of the FFP2 masks. The sensor monitors the micromovements of the face and controls different clinical values, such as blood pressure and the number of heartbeats per minute.

In addition, FaceBit also measures the resistance of the mask, checking for example whether it is not close to the face of the wearer or if it has holes or leaks, making the time spent wearing the medical device safer.

The user biometric data measurements also allow the sensor to predict stress levels and recommend breaks and resting times throughout the day. In addition, the sensor has an impressive battery: FaceBit, in fact, combines a traditional battery with solar energy and that supplied by heat inside the mask and by the breath of the wearer to last up to 11 days without being recharged or changed

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