Here’s What Film A Psychopath Portrays More Accurately According To Psychiatrists

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Many times the movies portray a glimpse of the daily life of certain characters, kings and queens, deities who fight against the wicked of the universe or psychopaths who do things. Are these mentally unstable characters appearing in the films realistic? To find out, a team of psychiatrists watched 400 movies.

A list of 105 male and 21 female psychopaths was compiled from the 1915 films. Here the team of 10 forensic scientists and film critics assessed which character psychopathy could be diagnosed with. Experts have found some excellent and convincing representations of mental illness that could be used to “teach and illustrate different aspects of forensic psychiatry” (by the way, this is what hides us within the mind of psychopaths).

There is bad news, however: many “psychopaths” of the films are not actually psychopaths, but “psychotics.” We can find an example in the films Psycho (Norman Bates) and Taxi Driver (Travis Bickel). “These characters are, in various ways, disconnected from reality and suffer from a delusional ideation,” wrote the experts. Psychotic disorder, in fact, is a condition characterized by an altered perception of reality.

One of the best psychopaths in cinema is Anton Chigurh, an antagonist of “It’s not a country for old people” by the Coen brothers (yes, I know you’re thinking about the coin scene at the gas station N.d.R. “Anton Chigurh is a well-designed primary idiopathic/psychopathic prototype,” the experts write.

The traits that characterize Chigurh as a psychopath? “Inability to love, lack of shame or remorse, lack of psychological insight, inability to learn from past experience, cold-blooded attitude, ruthlessness, total determination and lack of empathy.” Another good psychopath according to experts is Henry from “Henry, Blood Rain.”

Hannibal Lecter according to experts is not a good portrait of a psychopath, as it is described as having “many personal characteristics that are not usually found in everyday clinical practice.” Nevertheless, “some of these fictional characters can be considered valuable in teaching and illustrating different aspects of forensic psychiatry,” the experts finally say.

Here, instead, are the jobs with the most psychopaths.

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