Honor 50 5G: How Do You Take It? Let’s Find Out Together In Our New Video

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In our review of Honor 50 we outlined the overall picture of what can be considered a great return in style to our market for Honor, thanks to good overall quality, Google services and a noteworthy technical sheet.

Under the body takes place the SoC Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G. Outside, however, we find a magnificent 6.57 inch OLED panel with 2340×1080 pixel resolution and Refresh Rate up to 120Hz. The photographic section, then, can boast a main sensor from 108 Megapixels.

But how does this Honor 50 take off? In our new video, which you can find in the opening, you will discover the main strengths of the new photographic section developed by Shenzhen’s producer, between an “ultra-nitida” room, a 32 MP selfie-cam with field

We talked about this in our special on the Honor 50 camera where we also told you about our curious experience in his company in Valle D’Aosta on board the new BMW iX and the Cineteca di Milano.

A little anticipation: Honor 50 has managed well in many contexts, from those richer in colors to those darker, with a level of detail always particularly preserved. For those interested in this model, we remind you that you can find it on the official website Honor but also on Amazon Italy.

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