Honor Magic V Shows With New Details: It Will Be The First Foldable With Snapdragon 8 Jan 1

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The new Honor Magic V folding smartphone is proving to be in more and more detail before the international audience: the Chinese company has already teased us with a full screen teaser, but also attention to the latest information disseminated by the tipsters of the

As is often the case with Asian mobile devices, to tell us more about Honor Magic V is the renowned Digital Chat Station or DCS informant, who wrote the following: •The large integrated screen has a single- Both the internal and external screen have a front camera but one is 90Hz and the other is 120Hz. The main rear camera is 50 MP, the Snapdragon 8 Gen1 processor, the 66 W super flash charge and the Android 12 Plus operating system.

So much interesting information, because the frequency of updating the panels supplied is expected to be adapted to current market standards, the rapid charging is amazing and there is even the new top chipset of range Snapdragon 8 Jan 1 of Qualcomm, which de

There is no information on the memory cuts, the display type and the battery capacity provided. We recommend keeping eyes and ears open, then, but also to take rumors treated with the pliers waiting for official teasers.

It will be interesting to see, finally, whether Honor Magic V will also arrive in Europe to lead the new course of Asian society after the split from Huawei.

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