How Are Adidas’ Nfts Going? The Metaverse Booms

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The NFTs are becoming one of the trends of the tech world and beyond. In the last part of 2021 we are in fact witnessing several projects of this type by important companies (just think about the issue Ubisoft Quartz). Not everything is going well, but among the companies that are having success there is definitely Adidas.

For those who do not know, some well-known clothing companies are “launching” in this world. To understand, for example, Nike has been aiming for virtual sneakers, while Adidas has launched real NFT-related suits and sweatshirts. What is the name of this last product line? Into the Metaverse, of course.

The announcement clearly aroused a lot of curiosity, between those interested in buying and those who wanted to understand if such a project could work. According to The Verge, the answer came in the Italian night between 17 December and 18 December 2021, since Adidas has officially tweeted that the 30,000 NFTs expected are “closed” within a few hours (

A NFT of this type is proposed at 0.2 ETH (Ethereum), which currently amounts to approximately 692 euros. A quick calculation shows that Adidas could have earned about 20 million euros in a few hours from NFT sales.

The connection between NFT and physical merchandising seems to have worked, at least in this first phase, despite the fact that suits and sweatshirts will only arrive exclusively in 2022, after obtaining token crypto (which we remember “certify” and give value to

In any case, it should be noted that the project was carried out in collaboration with Bored Ape Yacht Club, GMoney and Punks Comics. For the rest, in the hours that allowed users to buy NFTs there was also some problem, but in the end everything was solved. I mean, this first phase of Adidas Metaverse seems to have gone very well.

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