How Can I Use The Health Card? Compatible Services

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After explaining where the Health Card is issued, let’s go explain what the compatible services are and how it can be used, outside the systems we have known in recent times.

We start by saying that the Health Card has replaced the old plastic card of the Tax Code, and is issued to all citizens who are entitled to assistance through the National Health Service.

In terms of use, this must be provided at the pharmacy when withdrawing medicines, but also in the health facilities to access all the services associated with them.

The Health Card system also gives the possibility to access on the web the certificates of sickness, the list of income tax exemptions, the Electronic Health Paper (where available) but also the therapeutic plans, the list of health expenses to be carried in deduction and the

As we have explained on these pages, you can also activate the Health Card chip to use it as a National or Regional Service Card, with all the services associated with it.

We specify a fundamental aspect, however, even without the activation of the chip as CNS the Health Card is still valid and gives access to the performance of the National Health Service. The CNS is voluntary and not compulsory.

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