How Do I Enable Cie? Here Are The Few Steps Required

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The Electronic Identity Card is the main document of the Italian State, and as we have explained in several circumstances on these pages, it allows access to a wide range of online services of the Public Administration.

The Electronic Identity Card also integrates the Enter System with CIE, which can be used instead of the SPID to enter the portals that support it.

It is no coincidence that in official documentation, the Ministry of the Interior points out that thanks to the CIE citizens no longer have to waste time to get different credentials issued for each administration.

Activation of “Entra Con Cie” does not require any complicated passage. However, the user must keep the PIN code of the CIE at hand. At this point, simply install the CIE ID application, available on the iOS App Store and Play Store from Android (be careful to download the official one, issued by the Italian State Poligrafico Office) and follow the procedure indicated on the

Once the activation is complete, just click on the “Enter With CIE” button at the time of login in any public administration service, insert the PIN of the Electronic Identity Card and then bring the document to the back of the smartph

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