How Does Amazon Password Delivery Work? The New Product In Italy

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In the last few days, even in conjunction with the Christmas period, many have come across the delivery of Amazon’s disposable password packages. It is a new security system for the Seattle giant, but it is not active on everything.

Amazon points out in its official documentation that “given the value of certain items, for some orders it is necessary to provide a disposable password at the time of delivery.” There is no indication of the cost that a particular device must have in order to enjoy this system, but we have made two orders at close range and on the one with an amount of more than 300 Euro we have been told that the delivery will be made with password.

Amazon stresses that if you need a single-use password, it will send it to the associated email address following the shipment of the article. This is a six-digit numerical password that must be communicated to the courier at the time of delivery of the package, which will be valid until the end of the delivery day.

The notes explain that “if you are not available to receive the package, you can share the disposable password with a person of your choice who can receive the package on your behalf. It is not advisable to share your disposable password with an unknown person. If no one can receive the package, we will try the delivery again the next working day,” while if you are not the recipient, you can forward the password to the recipient.

The single-use password can also be found in “Draw My Pack” next to the order in the section “My Orders.”

I mean, if you’ve received your disposable password, it’s not the classic Amazon SMS scam.

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