How Long Does The Green Pass Last After The Third Dose? Everything You Need To Know

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With the spread of the Omicron variant, it is increasingly Italians who are undergoing the third dose of the anti-Covid vaccine these days. A third dose which, like what happened after the first and second, provides for the sending of a new Green Pass directly to the app Io or Immuni.

In specifying that the third dose (as well as the second) entitles you to the recently introduced Super Green Pass, it is good to avoid any doubt about the duration of the new QR Code that users will receive within 48 hours after the booster administration.

Meanwhile, contrary to what many have said, the Green Pass has to date December 18 a duration of 9 months and not of 6 months. This time is calculated from the last dose: so if you receive the third dose today, your Super Green Pass will be valid for nine months from today. All information is available directly in the Public Administration app, in the section

For all information on how to insert the Super Green Pass on your iOS Wallet on iPhone, we refer you directly to our in-depth review that we published on these pages a few days ago.

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