How Many Serie A Matches On My Team Will Sky Be Broadcasting?

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As you know, a few hours ago, Serie A matches were announced that will broadcast Sky until the 19th day. This ad allowed you to take stock of the number of games for each team that will be visible on pay TV in the round.

The calculation was made by colleagues from Calcio and Finanza, based on the 57 matches announced by Sky that will be visible in co-exclusive.

The team that will be broadcast by Sky will be the Sampdoria, with 9 matches, followed by Atalanta, Bologna, Cagliari, Milan and Udinese. He finished Juventus with one match. The complete list below:

Sampdoria 9

Atalanta 8

Bologna 8

Cagliari 8

Milan 8

Udinese 8

Fiorentina 7

Inter 7

Turin 7

Empoli 6

Venice 6

Verona 6

Genoa 5

Sassuolo 5

Lazio 4

Naples 3

Salernitana 3

Spezia 3

Rome 2

Juventus 1

Remember that Sky brought home the package 2 of the TV rights ban that provides for the transmission of the advance of 20:45 on Saturday, the match at 12:30 on Sunday and the delay on Monday evening at 20:45.

The choice is made through the “pick” mechanism, as established by the current legislation: DAZN being the major licensee has chosen the first two slots, while the third will be for Sky that will have also the sixth and eighth choice. We talked about the choice of Serie A matches on these pages before.

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