How To Activate The Spid With The Health Card From Home?

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We have long talked about the systems to get the SPID online on these pages, and now we are focusing on how to activate it, which is the last step before the full operability of the Digital Identity. Not everyone knows that the Health Card can also be used for recognition.

The main thing, before proceeding with the explanation of the procedure, is to make sure that your Health Card is active as a National Service Card: it is a fundamental step, as a Health Card even if active and not expired, which is not registered as a health card.

Starting from the Italian Post SPID, which is certainly the most popular, to activate the SPID with Health Card you have to do nothing but connect to the page dedicated on the Post site and then select, when you are asked what method of recognition you want When you are required to use the CNS, you need to connect the ad hoc smart card reader to the PC via the USB input and then insert the Card inside it: at this point you can start the identification process via the dedicated button and

The Aruba SPID also supports recognition through Health Card: the procedure is very similar.

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