How To Apply For The Bonus Tv 100 Euro With Dvb-T2 2022 Destruction? Here Is The Form

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Since August, the new 100 Euro TV bonus is available, put on the field by the Italian Government to facilitate the switch off to the new terrestrial digital DVB-T2. This bonus was also refinanced for 2022, with an additional €68 million.

As indicated on the website of the Ministry of Economic Development, the TV Break Bonus is a facility aimed at all citizens resident in Italy and unlike the 50 Euro TV bonus does not provide any limit of ISEE.

However, there are requirements to make use of the contribution: to be resident in Italy, to scrap a TV purchased before December 28, 2018, and to be in compliance with the Rai fee.

Although it is indicated by everyone as “Bonus TV 100 Euro,” the amount is not fixed and the incentive provides a 20% discount on the purchase price, for a maximum amount of 100 Euro. It is possible to use it only once for each household until December 31, 2022 or until the resources allocated are exhausted. If you have benefited from the 50 Euro bonus, you can also take advantage of this.

To request it, you must bring the old TV to the participating retailers (here you can find the list of participating retailers) accompanied by the self-declaration form that can be printed through this address.

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