How To Avoid Windows 11 Reboot For Updates? It’s Very Easy

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While Microsoft updates the Notepad style on Windows 11 by introducing dark mode, we’re going to go back to answering some useful questions about Redmond’s new operating system. On this specific occasion we will see how to avoid sudden restarts for system updates.

It may happen, in fact, that once Windows 11 is installed the system has to update repeatedly and restart automatically when the patches have been downloaded and are ready to be installed. This restart can also take place during working hours, depending on the settings of Windows Update.

To avoid such a problem, then, you have to click on the Start menu via the dedicated button in the taskbar and search for… Windows Update Settings. Click on the dedicated entry, you will need to proceed to The range can be automatically placed, after a certain period of Windows 11 activity, or manually setting the time slot where the affected device will not be restarted.

Another additional remedy, just for safety, can be the activation of the item • Please tell me when a restart is required to complete the update • • • • • • • • • • This way, as soon as the system has access to an update it will download it and send you a dedicated notification immediately below, leaving you the option to decide whether to restart it immediately or postpone it.

In early December we also saw how to bring the Start key to the left on Windows 11, bringing it back to the original position

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