How To Disable The Annoying Smart Tv Messages? The Hbbtv Issue

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The digital terrestrial channels are still very popular in Italy, despite the advent of smart and similar features. However, you probably notice that if you have a Smart TV (a device that is now becoming more common in the homes) you will also have noticed that something has changed during the normal viewing of the main channels.

In fact, you will have seen some messages that did not appear on the screen every now and then using the “old” non-smart TV. Reference is made to indications such as those related to the Rai TV+ service, which ask, for example, to press the Up button of the remote control to access some smart menus.

Clearly the situation varies depending on the television channel you are watching, but one thing is certain: messages of this type are increasingly frequent and could “injure” someone who simply does not intend to exploit these services (despite they may actually come in handy in different

Well, you should know that some TV models allow you to deactivate these messages quickly, all in all, by means of a semi-unknown option. More specifically, these services are based on the HbbTV standard, which represents a sort of hybrid between digital terrestrial and smart features that use an Internet connection. This means that you just turn off the HbbTV to potentially make some of these messages disappear.

Obviously there are several variables at stake, since there is also the TV model you have in your home, but we give you an example related to the Smart TV LG, which have a convenient option to disable the HbbTV. In this case, just go to the settings, reach the “Channels” section and disable the “HbbTV” option. I mean, it’s all very simple.

For the rest, if you are wondering, yes: sometimes HbbTV is used to show some smart advertisements on screen, but in that case it is not said that the simple decommissioning of the above option can make the various In fact, much depends on the methods used by the individual channels and other technologies (such as ACR) can be involved. However, trying to disable the HbbTV option, even just to “scramble” some messages on certain television channels, it costs nothing and it was interesting to look into the matter.

In any case, we would like to say that HbbTV is generally a useful service, which actually offers more possibilities to the user (as mentioned above). However, we also understand that someone might feel “annoying” certain messages that did not appear on the “old” non-smart TV.

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