How To Do The Spid Without Going To The Mail? Here’s How To Do It

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For a few weeks, Poste has made the recognition of the SPID for payment for those who intend to do so directly in the post offices scattered across Italy. However, as we have had the opportunity to write on these pages several times, there are still other systems available to do the SPID without going to the mail.

Always Poste Italiane allows you to complete the procedure of activation of the SPID directly from home, by carrying out remote recognition that especially in periods of pandemic allows to avoid congestion of traffic and unnecessary gatherings.

What you need to do is use the PostID application and the Electronic Identity Card or Port Pass, to seamlessly complete the entire process and have your SPID active and working. The possibility of making the recognition via the audio-video system with the relevant transfer with amount to be donated to charity is also available.

Always Poste, it also allows to make the recognition through digital signature, for those who own it.

On these pages, a few months ago we also published an ad hoc in-depth study explaining how to get the online SPID and what are the simplest systems. We recommend that you check the list at the news link for all the updates and to stay up to date.

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