How To Get The Best Video Quality With Dazn? Here’s How To Set It

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In view of the A-Series fire weekend, DAZN has upgraded the servers, but before dive into this wonderful championship day with Napoli-Juve and Milan-Lazio, let’s review briefly how to set up the

Always keeping as reference the connection requirements required by DAZN, we recommend you to make a speed test on any website to start getting an idea of the highest quality that you can get. As a reference point, we invite you to consider the chart at the bottom: with 2 Megabit/s download speed you can reach the HD, while with 3.5 Mbps you get to the HD without high framerate that is “unlocked” It is clear that with an 8.0 Mbps connection you can not only enjoy the maximum resolution available, but also a higher frame rate.

In the official documentation, DAZN provides a number of tips to ensure that streaming is as fluid as possible, clearly net of possible upstream problems:

Have an internet connection with sufficient signal;

Update the application;

Make sure there are not too many devices connected

This last point could concern both DAZN’s visions at the same time as not. It is clear that if two internet devices absorb so much bandwidth under the same network, the streaming could be impacted.

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