How To Hide Spoiler Messages On Telegram? Just A Few Taps!

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With the launch of Telegram 8.4 at the end of December, interesting features such as messages reactions and the…censura of spoilers in chats have finally arrived. On this last purpose, how do the spoiler messages on Telegram hide? Here is the quick guide to follow on PC and smartphone.

Those who are only Telegram users from Android or iOS smartphones will simply have to write a message in the chat of interest, without of course sending it, and select the parts \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Then you just have to touch the system-generated animation to reveal the hidden text, which will be displayed in this way both in the chat and in the notifications.

From PC and laptop with the Web and Desktop application the process will be the same: you will only have to write what you want, select it with the mouse, right click on the highlighted text, then on Formatting and finally on Spy Otherwise, you can select the text and press the Ctrl + Shift + P key combination; don’t worry if the message preview will not display the effect, it will be added once sent.

There you go, now you know how to save your friends and acquaintances from \’dangerous messages that could reveal key details of movies, TV series, video games and even books they still do not read, seen or played.

A week ago we also reported the presence of some harmful Telegram Desktop installers that can be downloaded from the Internet, to be avoided at any cost.

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