How To Hide The Last Access On Telegram? There Are Also “Exceptions”

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Offering different solutions for protecting your privacy is a well-established practice among messaging services, which allow you to hide your profile photo, phone number or even use temporary chat. But someone might still wonder, for example: how is the last access hidden on Telegram?

The steps to follow to ensure that other people do not see data related to our latest Telegram access are few and really simple, exactly as we have seen in the case of WhatsApp. The service created by Pavel Durov allows you to do it this way: both from Android and iOS, you just have to press on the three-line horizontal menu located at the top left, then on Settings and, finally, on Privacy and Security.

Opened this new screen, the third entry from the top will be the one that suits you: • Last access and online • • • • • • • • • • • • Pressing it, Telegram will show another screen still extremely similar to that of WhatsApp, except for a particular addition. First you can choose between the options • All • My contacts • No one • whose function is easily intuitable; of course, if you choose the item • No one In addition, the activation of this block will be reciprocal, ergo you will not see the last access of contacts that will not be able to see yours.

Immediately below, however, there is an interesting option: even if you select • No • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • What is the difference between my contacts and my exceptions? By selecting the first option, the system will only allow contacts in your address book to see the data of the last access; by selecting the second, both your contacts and users that you do not register but possess your nickname will not be able to do so; by selecting

About Telegram, in recent days has been launched the update to Telegram 8.0 with many important news.

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