How To Insert The Green Pass On Wallet? Here’s How To Do It On Iphone And Android

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A few weeks ago we explained on these pages how to add the Green Pass to Apple Wallet on iOS and today we are talking about what is the most convenient option: the inclusion of the QR Code in the Wallet of your smartphone, independently

For iOS the CovidPass option remains available: from your iPhone you will have to do nothing but frame the QR Code or select the image or PDF present on your mobile and then click on “Add to Wallet”:

Another alternative is Digital Covid Pass: it is another similar service, but also compatible with Android. Just follow the instructions on the screen to find it on the Wallet of your smartphones, which makes it easier to use as you do not need to open any additional app or I.

Also Stocard, the app that contains the loyalty cards of supermarkets, libraries and similar allows you to add the QR Code of the Green Pass: just tap on the “+” button and then add the Certificate as one of the many loyalty cards The procedure is very simple and allows you to always have the code that is necessary to access many activities indoors, including gyms, cinemas and restaurants.

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