How To Make Free Spid? How To Choose From The Many Services In 2022

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The SPID has become an increasingly used tool by users, and in the last year it has become even more important as it also allows you to access the Green Pass and Super Green Pass. However, there are still many users who are not provided with it: how to solve it?

On the Italian market are available many Identity Providers that allow you to obtain your SPID credentials. The complete list can be consulted directly through this address, where there is a very clear and always updated grid that allows you to get all the information.

If you want to open a free SPID, the best choice is to search for that of Poste Italiane, with the recognition however to do through the application PosteID, directly with Electronic Identity Card and PIN, since the recognition in person with Poste Italiane

To help less experienced users last year the new audio-video identification system came along, which we talked about a few weeks ago and which as we have explained allows us to complete the procedure within a few minutes.

Clearly, if you just can’t rely on free platforms, you can also make recognition with paid systems, following the directions on the ad hoc page.

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