How To Make Payments In Installments With Paypal? Everything You Need To Know

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As we have had the opportunity to tell on these pages, for a few weeks PayPal’s payments have been active, which allow you to enjoy, on all stores that rely on the intermediary for payments, to divide the amount into three installments at zero rates and interest

The operation is very simple to do with Amazon: PayPal will in fact divide the amount of your order into three months.

Once you click on “Pay with PayPal,” you are redirected to the classic payment page where PayPal allows you to choose the card you want to use to complete the payment. It is in this popup that, at the bottom, you will see the option “pay in three installments.” Once clicked here, the system will propose the contract and conditions with all the details of the case.

PayPal Pay in 3 installments is only available for orders with a value of between 30 and 2000 Euro, and is available for selected traders where PayPal is accepted. You can also have multiple PayPal payments in 3 installments simultaneously, subject to PayPal approval. “If PayPal Pay option is displayed in 3 installments at the time of payment, you can create a new PayPal Pay payment in 3 installments. You will see all your PayPal payments Pay in 3 installments in one place on your PayPal account in the “PayPal Pay in 3 installments” section, including any installments refunded in the last 12 months” is stated in terms and conditions.

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