How to Open Your Garage Door During a Power Outage

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You probably don’t think about garage door opener. Simply press a button on the wall and the door will open in the morning. Press the button on the visor of your car and the door will open and close.

If you need to open the garage door during a power outage, you will appreciate it. It is possible to open your garage door by hand.

Pull the Manual Release Cord

Most garage doors have a manual release function that can be used if the opening mechanism is malfunctioning or if the power is off. The rope is hanging down from the garage door track. The handle is usually red. Pull the cord to open the door. If you hang from the rope you could damage the track.

Pull the manual release cord if the garage door is open for safety reasons. If you have no other choice, prop open the door with boards and clear out all the people and objects before releasing it.

Make Sure the Garage Door Isn’t Locked

If you have a manual lock on your garage door, make sure it is in place. Remove the lock so you can open the door.

Open the Garage Door Manually

The garage door has a handle on it. Lift it up and grab it. One person can raise the door to the fully open position with the door disconnected from the opening mechanism.

If the door is hard to open and hard to lift, you may have a broken tension spring. These can be dangerous to fix on your own, so be sure to call a garage door repair technician. If the power isn’t out, we recommend opening the garage door by hand a couple of time garage doors springss a year.

Power will be restored after the door is reconnected.

When electricity is flowing again, you need to connect the garage door so it can open again. The carriage unit, which is attached to the track that lifts and lowers the door, needs to be in the center of the garage ceiling. One person has to pull the manual release handle while another pushes the garage door up to the carriage.

When the carriage reaches the door, it will move and connect with it.

Garage Door Services in Fort Wayne, IN

Are you having trouble pulling the release cord when the power is out? When you tried to open the garage door manually, did you find a problem? Overhead Door Company of Fort Wayne is here to help you. We offer reliable garage door services. We can make repairs in emergency situations.

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