How To Remove Sim Pin? Brief Guide For Android And Ios

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When using a smartphone for the first time with a newly inserted SIM card, the system immediately requires you to unlock the device with the SIM PIN. By adding a personal code for unlocking, however, both are required when restarting and this can be annoying. Well, here’s how to remove the SIM PIN.

The guide we will provide you will be extremely short and will include both the Android and iOS smartphone process.

Let’s start with the green robot operating system: in this case you just need to swipe up from the Home screen to open the application Drawer, where it will also appear . Press the dedicated icon and a new page will open with all the different sections, among which we will have to select …………. ♪ ♪ Pressing on, the system will show the only item Feature SIM Block with a switch: a simple pressure on the latter and the game is done, you have removed the SIM PIN code!

We point out that this guide is valid for smartphones with Android 11 operating system, but the steps do not change much even for older versions of the OS: the important thing is to go to Settings > Security and search for the item dedicated to the configuration of the

On iPhone and iPad the process is not so different: just go to Settings and, on the dedicated screen, access to Mobile (or Mobile Data in the case of iPads) and finally to SIM PIN, where you will be shown in the same At this point the system will ask for the PIN code used, i.e. usually the one provided directly by the telephone operator when the SIM card is activated, and here we are!

Remember that using the right PIN code is essential now, so don’t guess: in case of three wrong inputs, in fact, the system will require the PUK code and, in case of incorrect entry for more than ten consecutive times, the SIM card If you have lost the plasticized card provided by the SIM activation, then you will need to contact your operator’s customer service.

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