How To Review Rai Content Without App On Tv? The Unknown Solution

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Did you know that you can review Rai programs on your TV without even having to install a special application? Don’t worry if you are not aware of this solution: it is essentially a “newness” that represents a kind of hybrid between digital terrestrial and smart functionality.

More specifically, we refer to the HbbTV standard (Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV), which allows, to make it extremely simple, to access smart features by pressing a simple remote control button, without having to install any software. Obviously, to exploit this feature the fundamental requirement is to have a Smart TV, but the latter are now particularly popular and therefore you should not have too many problems in finding one.

In any case, you should know that Rai offers access to a service called Rai TV+. To access the latter, simply reach a channel like Rai 1 HD via a suitable television and press the button on the remote control (as indicated by the message that appears on screen from time to time).

By doing so, you will access a tab that will allow you, for example, to press the Restart button, so that the content currently transmitted can be restarted from the beginning. There are also features such as the possibility to review a TG or “shortcuts” for accessing content such as those of RaiPlay. Of course, as the most attentive of you will know, in some ways you do use an app, but you understand well that access to basic features is done without installing anything. For more details, please refer to our in-depth study of what Rai TV+ is.

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