How To See Naples – Juventus Of September 11 On Digital Terrestrial?

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Naples – Juventus, the big match of Serie A of September 11, scheduled at 6 pm and broadcast exclusively by DAZN streaming. But how to see it on digital terrestrial?

As we know, last month DAZN launched the DAZN Channel, the proprietary channel on digital terrestrial at the 409 position of the bouquet. As we have explained, it is a channel edited editorially by the Perform platform where will be available some Serie A TIM matches among the seven for which DAZN has the full exclusive. The big match of the Stadio Diego Armando Maradona is also back.

The channel is not available for everyone, and you can’t see it only with a simple TV: you need to buy the DAZN TV Box or the TIMVision Box, but even if you have a limited number of restrictions. In the official documentation, DAZN highlights that the DAZN TV Box can only be purchased by those who live in locations where the FTTC or FTTH fibre connection is not present: it is necessary to complete the verification on the Digiquest site.

TIMMISION box instead includes an automatic system that makes the digital terrestrial switch in case of problems, as explained during the announcement of the offer of Football and Sport.

“The DAZN TV Box is a backup solution as well as DAZN Channel: it is designed for those who do not have a fast connection where they usually live, or for a second house at the sea or in the mountains, often not served by connectivity services, by

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