How To See The New Mediaset Twentyseven Channel On Digital Terrestrial?

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As we have explained on these pages, today the new Twentyseven channel of Mediaset, available on digital terrestrial and satellite, debuts. But how do you tune it in and access it?

On digital terrestrial, the channel is conveyed through the Mux Mediaset 1, which can be hooked on the 52 UHF channel, while in Sardinia it can be tuned to the 50 UHF channel and 46 UHF channel. If you are resident in the provinces of Sassari and Oristano, instead, you must choose the channel 54 UHF.

As for Liguria, Tuscany, Sicily and Calabria and in the provinces of Latina, Viterbo and Rome, instead, you must choose the 58 UHF channel.

Upon receipt, Twentyseven will be placed at LCN 27 and 527, in duplicate. As we explained, it is a network that offers entertainment of various types: from TV series and movies both new and less recent.

From today on, the numbering of some TV channels Mediaset also changes: Italy 2 is moved to 49, Radio 105 TV to 66, R101 TV to 67.

In most cases, the tuner was automatically performed and those who turned on the TVs were already in the early hours of the morning the pleasant surprise of the new channel. Otherwise, however, you now have all the information.

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