How To See The Twitch Recap 2021? The Official Release In Italy Begins

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2022 is now at the door and it is therefore time to draw the money from the past year. In this context, the classic end-of-year initiatives on the main platforms of the Web world are clearly coming. We have already dealt with Spotify Wrapped 2021, but now it is time for Twitch Recap 2021.

In fact, we can confirm that the release of statistics relating to Amazon’s proprietary live streaming platform, including Italy, has begun. In this context, the first users were sent the Twitch Recap 2021 directly to their e-mail box (of course the one related to the account linked to the known purple portal).

The advice is therefore to check your email address, including any sections “Promotions” and “Spam” (since in some cases this type of communication can end there). In any case, the title of the email involved is the user’s name followed by “the summary of your 2021 has arrived.” In short, if you are among those who have already received the recap, you will certainly not struggle to find it (for others, Twitch clearly recommends to verify that marketing emails are activated on your account).

In any case, we remember that in 2020 there had been some complaints because of some missing contact details of the Twitch Recap of that year (then at the end on that occasion Twitch extended the rollout to all weeks later). In short, it was good to deepen the issue, so that everyone is aware of the ways used to send the recap. However, clearly not all of them could have already received the statistics, as rollout is generally gradual (it is hoped that this year will take less time to reach everyone).

For the rest, the Twitch Recap 2021 includes information on the Twitch channels and the categories most viewed by the user, as well as the number of channel points accumulated and subscriptions subscribed. Finally, there is also a summary banner that you can possibly share.

Among other things, it is interesting to note how the purple platform ironifies on the latter: “Photograph it, share it, print it and frame it, turn it into NFT. You decide.” In short, it is time to add up for Amazon’s proprietary livestream platform. In this respect, we recall that interesting general statistics have recently emerged concerning Twitch.

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