How To Talk With Whatsapp’s Assistance? There Is An Important News

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Whatsapp is the most widely used messaging application in the world, and daily it has to cope with problems or disservices from users. To simplify the resolution, Meta also introduced a feature on iOS that was previously only available on Android: internal support.

As noted by WABetaInfo colleagues, who have always been very informed about all about the world of Whatsapp, with release, you can contact whatsapp’s support via chat.

In case of doubt, disservices or other, in fact, you can contact the Whatsapp support by clicking on the “Settings” button at the bottom right, then you can move to the “Help” tab and then in the “Contact Us” At this point a window will open where you can enter your message, exposing the problem: Whatsapp will respond in a dedicated chat, which will be displayed directly in the conversation list.

We do not know how long you will receive the answer, but through the option you can also choose to include technical information on the device (model, settings and similar), to help the customer care to answer more accurately to the question, and is also given the option to send the

Always talking about the messaging app, a few days ago we explained what to do when the message Whatsapp comes out waiting.

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