How To Tune Sky Tg24, Sky And Tv8 To Digital Terrestrial? New Frequencies

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From January 2022, the frequencies of Sky channels on digital terrestrial have been modified. For this reason, many users who previously could hook Sky TG24, TV8 and Heaven without much problems, found themselves without the possibility of being able to follow them.

The reason is that since January 2022 the frequencies of Sky channels have changed on digital terrestrial. The easiest and most immediate system to access programming is to be found in automatic tuner, which in most cases is performed directly in automatic and background at regular time intervals.

Usually, the channel tuner can be done by hand directly via the “menu” that can be accessed via the remote control button, and then via the “Canal Symphony” or “Canal Management” panel.

To manually search for the channels in question, you need to search for the TIMB 3 MUX, with frequencies 42 or 48 UHF.

Our advice, however, is to activate the automatic channel tune to avoid repeating the procedure whenever frequency changes are recorded, which are many in view of the upcoming switch off to the new terrestrial digital.

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