Htc Vive Focus 3: More Responsive And Accurate Controls Thanks To The Latest Update

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A few weeks ago we talked about the November update of HTC Vive Focus 3, which was preparing to welcome shared VR worlds for multiplayer in the metaverse. Now, however, HTC has announced a new update for Vive Focus 3, whose rollout has started for a few hours and which introduces some improvements to the device sensors.

The new firmware version is 3.0.999.284, and promises to significantly improve the recognition of user manual gestures, improving the performance, stability and accuracy of the feature and sensors it uses. Since HTC Vive Focus 3 was launched on the market last July, users complain about difficulties in the input gestures.

The ability to use the device without using any controller was a strong point of the viewer, and now HTC promises to have improved it by allowing the headset to recognize even very fast movements and to use the manual pinch-to-zoom function more accurately. The feature was also provided in advance to developers, which means that soon the recognition of manual gestures should be improved in almost all the apps for the viewer.

In the update announcement, HTC said that “the ability to navigate virtual environments in a natural and intuitive way will have a great impact in making VR technology more accessible to all, regardless of familiarity with technology. As we enter the era of the Metaverse, we could not be happier to bring these improvements to all users of HTC Vive Focus 3”. At the moment, however, HTC Vive Focus 3 is on sale at the price of 1,300 Dollars for American users. Meanwhile, Meta has updated its Quest 2 viewer.

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