Huawei: All Matebooks Will Be Compatible With Windows 11

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With a social post, Huawei confirmed that the MateBook laptop series will support Windows 11 since launch. This is not a short story, as last year the Chinese giant had to stop working with Google because of the restrictions imposed by the US government on the tech companies in Beijing.

Huawei had been forced to resort to HarmonyOS, an operating system developed “in-house” for its smartphones, which according to some experts would soon have been implemented on the PCs of the Chinese company. The MateBooks, however, have so far used Windows 10, and the transition to a completely different operating system had generated fears among users for the incompatibility of applications and programs.

Huawei has therefore decided to escape any doubt by declaring that all the MateBooks of X Series, D Series and B Series will be able to make the free passage to Windows 11 shortly after its official launch, scheduled by Microsoft for October 5. It is still unclear whether there will be exceptions, nor how the Huawei ecosystem will evolve in the future, especially in relation to compatibility between HarmonyOS and the upcoming versions of Windows.

If you are interested in a Huawei PC, the MateBook 14 is currently available, which can be purchased via the company’s online store: the Huawei Store, among other things, is currently being offered “Ba

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