Hubble Space Telescope Is Finally Back To 100% Operational

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Finally, after a more than one week of epic time, the Hubble Space Telescope seems to have returned to 100% operational. All four scientific instruments of the instrument are back on track after a software problem has forced the staff to put the observatory in a temporary mode.

His Majesty Hubble is back. In addition to this good news, NASA’s press release confirmed the launch of the James Webb space telescope within a few weeks. It will allow us to work together “enlarge our knowledge of the cosmos even further,” as NASA wrote on its official blog.

The battle against the “dead” telescope was arduous. The first signs of failure were noted in October, when scientists encountered synchronization problems related to the commands received from his instruments from Earth. During November, experts tried to implement several corrections, but with difficulty.

Something changed during mid-November, when the professionals started to bring the tools back online one at a time. “The team will continue to work on the development and testing of tool changes. This would allow them [the tools] to conduct scientific operations even if in the future there will be synchronization problems”, says on NASA’s blog post.

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