Humanoid Robots: Dream Or Dystopia? The Latest News In Our New Video

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A company specializing in robotics, Engineered Arts, has revealed its latest creation, the humanoid robot Ameca that has troubled the web. But what exactly is it?

Although it is not yet able to move autonomously, this android is able to reproduce, with a face animated by many activators, a multitude of human facial expressions, intelligible by man and incredibly realistic.

The reactions of the internet have initially translated into a mass anxiety, but there are also those who talk about the future and innovation. One of these voices is, as widely preventable, that of Elon Musk, the visionary CEO of Tesla and SpaceX who recently presented his humanoid robot Tesla Bot.

The British company project is an integral part of a research program that aims to study the interactions between man and machine and you can observe its movements in the video you find at the opening.

Meanwhile, even the graphics computer moves towards the most extreme realism, as we have told in our special on Ziva Face Trainer, a new tool able to recreate facial expressions based on machine learning and potentially compatible with the main game engines

What do you think of progress in robotics? Can it really represent the future? Let us know in the comment space.

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