I. Mobile Launches I. 8.99 150 Giga, Portability Offer From 8.99 Euro Per Month

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Starting yesterday, December 20, 2021, the virtual operator I have. Mobile launched the offer I have. 8.99 150 Giga as a new portability plan from other rival virtual operators. Let’s see what it offers in detail for the interesting figure of 8.99 Euro per month, alternative to the already launched I have. 6.99 50 Giga.

As filmed by MondoMobileWeb, I have. 8.99 150 Giga is offered at this price and includes 150 Giga of mobile traffic in 4G, unlimited minutes of calls to any fixed and national number and also unlimited SMS to all. In the EU Roaming you will enjoy 5.90 Giga per month and, after the Giga base included in the package, the navigation will be blocked automatically.

The initial cost for the activation will be 0.99 Euro only to obtain the SIM card rechargeable; in case of online activation, instead, the cost will be 9.99 Euro to pay immediately the first monthly of the offer. Attention, however, because in case of non portability within 15 days of activation of the SIM, then the customer will lose the discount and will be forced to pay 17.99 Euro per month. Remember that the portability will be performed by operators like Iliad, CoopVoce, Fastweb, PosteMobile, Rabona Mobile, Tiscali, Spusu, LycaMobile, Feder Mobile and other minor names. Another important note provides that the offer is only accessible to new customers I have. Mobile.

Among the other promotions active in December we also treated Very Mobile XMas with 220 Giga at 9.99 Euro per month.

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