Ibm Is Certain: With 2-Nometer Chips, Smartphones Will Charge Every 4 Days

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IBM continues its experimentation on the chips produced with two nanometers technology, which in May announced the production of the first batch in the world. The American giant made history in all respects and continues to do so confirming surprising possibilities especially smartphone side.

During the MEET2022 Smart Future conference, IBM Vice President Xie Dong discussed the future of society, from the zero emission target by 2030 to be achieved thanks to quantum computers to the challenges they intend to face together with research centres and institutions in the field Changes in approaches to big data have been mentioned by exploiting artificial intelligence, or by in-depth analysis of energy savings offered by new technologies.

One of the most intriguing statements, however, concerns something particularly close to us: smartphones. We all know how certain devices do not enjoy such a high range with daily use, and how the battery is very often the component that fails first. Unpublished technical devices are needed to contribute to their sustainability, ensuring lower consumption and greater longevity.

Well, the first crucial step according to IBM will be with 2-nometer chips that, according to current tests, will make it possible to recharge your smartphone once every four days even on the most demanding mobile devices, or even more optimized. It will be interesting, then, to observe how IBM’s analysis and possible implications will proceed with the contribution of other major global producers.

In November 2021, IBM presented the Eagle quantum processor at 127 qubit.

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