Ikea Raises Product Prices: Up To 9% More In Europe And The United States

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The crisis that is affecting the supply chain in various sectors is also affecting Ikea. In a statement released a few days ago, Ingka Group, the multinational company that is linked to the founder of Ikea Ingvar Kamprad, explained that in the coming months there are expected increases for product prices.

In some countries, Ikea furniture costs have already risen to 50%, but in the short term the cost will increase by an average of 9%.

Ingvar Kamprad explained that in the last year and a half the demand for furniture and accessories related to the “new realities of people” was “unprecedented.” The manager of the organization of the management of the stores, Tolga Oncu, said that even during the Coronavirus Ikea pandemic he did everything to keep the prices of its products stable, because “it was the right thing to do”.

However, the supply chain, which concerns the transport and supply system, has recorded “significant limitations” which have also affected the availability of raw materials. All this has caused inconvenience and price increases which, of course, will also affect end users as the company has to “reload part of the costs.”

Ingka Group explains that price increases will be sharper in Europe and North America, following what other similar chains have done.

In short, after the increases in the bills of January 1, 2022, for European users, another stagnate is expected.

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