Iliad And Fixed Phones, We’re Like, “Ready For A New Revolution?”

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After Benedetto Levi’s statements on the Iliad offer of fixed telephony, issued yesterday at Il Sole 24 Ore, in which he has let a launch be foretold, the official Twitter account of the French telephone operator also has been

As we show in the tweet at the bottom, at 12:30 today, 14 January 2022, the social media managers of the company have published an emblematic image, in which there is a giant “Wow,” probably the reaction that according to the managers will have the

In the minutes following the tweet, curiosity has unleashed among users, and the answers that have been given are also emblematic: “we are warming up the engines for an Iliad revolution that will continue to surprise you” and, above all,

According to Iliad, at least initially its mobile offer will be based on the FTTH network of Open Fiber, while only later will be the turn of FiberCop. Once again, this new chapter of the Iliad revolution will be driven by transparency, an aspect that has allowed telco to cut out an important position in the mobile market too.

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