Iliad, The Offer For Fixed Phone Coming In Days With Ftth Fiber: Here’s Where

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Now we are: Iliad’s debut in fixed telephony is now imminent, to the point that we are even talking about “days.” To report the news Il Sole 24 Ore in newsstands today, which quotes the words of the CEO of Iliad Italia, Benedetto Levi.

The young company manager, directly from the columns of the daily newspaper of Confindustria, took stock of what users will expect.

Levi confirmed that Iliad will initially support the “open Fiber network, especially in black areas, that is the most served areas of the country,” while on the FiberCop network the arrival is expected later.

Initially, therefore, only those who reside in cities and areas covered by the Open Fiber FTTH (here we explain how to check the coverage with Open Fiber) can be activated.

No information on the offer itself, but the password will once again be “clearness,” a claim that has accompanied the counterpart for smartphones. “We are ready to arrive on the market of the ultrabroadband and do the same transparency operation that followed our arrival in Italy on the mobile. The numbers are right. In three and a half years an Italian out of 7 is Iliad user. We’re talking 8.5 million. And we have long understood that even on the fixed space, with the desire of the people to be able to access finally transparent offers,” said Levi, who did not provide any precise dates.

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