Imac Pro 2022, Bad News: According To A Report The Display Will Not Be A Mini-Led

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A few hours ago we reported an indiscretion that iMac Pro 2022 will have a 27″ Mini-LED screen, but in the last few hours more information has emerged on the device, which leads us to say that, in all probability, iMac Pro will continue to use

The source of the news is MacRumors, which in turn refers to a report by DigiTimes, who had first shared speculations on the iMac Pro 27″ Mini-LED display. DigiTimes, therefore, says that “despite speculations about the output of the next generation iMac from 27” with a Mini-LED display, the machine will continue to use an LCD panel, and not a Mini-LED, second

DigiTimes’ report, however, clashes with the analysis of the well-known Ross Young screen expert, who has established that the new iMac Pros will have a Mini-LED display and support ProMotion, with a refresh rate The Taiwanese website, however, also reported that the LED display of the new iMac will be improved compared to that of the predecessors, ensuring a brightness of 30-40% greater.

A second report by DigiTimes, then, seems to make further clarity on the design of iMac Pro 27″. In particular, while some rumors say Apple should renew the design of iMac Pro to make it more similar to that of iMac 24″ released this year, DigiTimes is of the opposite idea, as it reports that iMac Pro will have a more

The same website also states that iMac Pro 2022 will be available in various colors: in this case, however, it is unclear whether the device will adopt the same colors as the iMac 24″ or if it will be available in another color range, maybe This hypothesis is supported by the insider Dylandkt, who on Twitter wrote that the new Mac will have a 24″ iMac-like design but different colors.

In any case, the new iMac Pro will have an Apple Silicon chip and will be launched in the spring, and should replace the old iMac 27″ with Intel chips.

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