In Less Than 24H Two Meteors Were Spotted On Italy And France: Here Is The Video

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Our planet is constantly bombarded by space rocks of varying size and very often are massive enough to generate a showy and destructive entry into our atmosphere. With a little luck you can also find incredible video testimonials of such events.

In just twenty-four years both in Italy and France, two interesting astronomical events have been recorded, labeled as the passage of “boils,” or “meteor”. The two cases are obviously independent of each other, but it makes the luck and coincidence of how these have happened so closely in space and time smile.

The most spectacular of all is the racing car spotted in France, of which there is also a video testimony (and found at the bottom of the news). The fireball lasted for a few moments, but it shone sufficiently brightly to illuminate much of the port of the river town of Azral, in the north-western part of the country.

The passage of the ride took place around midnight last Sunday and – although there are no audio in the video testimonies – many inhabitants said they woke up and scared because of a big blow heard from there shortly, caused by the knocking down of the wall of It was a harmless passage, however, which caused no harm to either things or people.

Something similar has happened in Italy too: yesterday, in the skies of Novara, several witnesses reported the passage of a meteor that left behind a dense and visible trail. As with the French passage, there were no problems whatsoever.

We remind you that there is no reason to fear these astronomical phenomena, and indeed their danger is inversely proportional to the charm that they arouse in the lucky live spectators.

Their operation is very similar to that with falling stars, only that while the latter are rather small and burn very quickly before entering the atmosphere, the meteors (or “boils”) are bigger and denser, and cross it for longer (a

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