In Siberia There Are “Zombie Fires” That Are Devastating The Ecosystem

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In some parts of Siberia, even when the temperature drops to -75 °C below zero, you create those that are called in jargon “zombie fire.” These flames continue to burn even for months or years, under a deep layer of snow and ice.

Recently, The Siberian Times shared a video showing one of these fires, visible through small snow holes (you can see it at the bottom of the news). How do these fires burn? In short, snow and ice act as a kind of “thermal insulation”; this creates a real protection that allows these fires to flare up.

As well as their summer counterparts, these fires release many greenhouse gases into the environment. Climate change only makes things worse, because the warming of the Earth is draining the vegetation that would be fire resistant… creating fertile ground for the spread of fires.

These “zombie fires” have been spotted in Delyankir, Russia, where recently the temperature detected has become the lowest ever recorded in this location since January 2014. Speaking of fires, do you know that those who were there in Australia in 2020 brought 113 species near extinction? While the flames doubled the state’s emissions.

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