In Switzerland, The Ice Is Covered With Giant Blankets So It Doesn’t Melt

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Scientists are trying to find different solutions to avoid melting ice due to climate change. A strange method was used in Switzerland, where researchers covered an area – about 14 football fields – using gigantic blankets. Yes, you read well.

The ice on Mount Titlis in Switzerland has been drastically reduced in recent years, and the situation seems to be desperate. The goal of scientists is to isolate the glacier’s vulnerable ice and snow deposits, reflecting most of the sun rays in the atmosphere using these large blankets.

The situation, as you can imagine, is really drastic: 90% of the remaining 1,500 glaciers of Mount Titlis will disappear by 2100 if greenhouse gas emissions are not reduced. According to experts, the size of the layer of these fleece blankets has been increased year after year (especially this summer).

The effects of global warming are showing up in their fury recently, from the warmth domes of a couple of weeks ago around the world, to the disastrous Ida Hurricane of the United States. The situation is only set to worsen… and as global emissions increase, there will be more and more news of this.

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